Bausch + Lomb <em>Sjö</em> Interpretation

Instructions for use

Biomarker values are prepopulated with negative (normal) values for the test. For those test results within normal limits, no change is required.

For abnormal results, please select the value range from the drop down menu that corresponds to the abnormal value for each biomarker. After values are selected for all abnormal results, click on the Interpret results button to obtain the final interpretation results*.

*The interpreted comments are only validated when results for the entire Sjö test panel are available.

Welcome to the Sjö diagnostic test Interactive Interpretation Tool

The Sjö diagnostic test is a test for the early detection of Sjögren’s syndrome in patients with dry eye symptoms. Use this tool to interpret and provide comments when serology results are reported by the laboratory.

How to use this tool

This tool generates a printable interpretation and does not store or transmit patient data.


Novel Biomarkers

Classic Biomarkers

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